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The Squirrels Nest

Isaiah 45:3

Unearthing The Treasures In Our Field Of Dreams

Tools For Taming The Whirlwind of Toxic Childhood Emotions

Creative Writing Prompts, Health Tips, Thought-Provoking Craft Projects, Comfort, Hope, Love, and Camaraderie


Brought To You From My Layman's Point Of View!

The Squirrels Nest

aka, Connie's Studio

Our projects begin with a lap book tutorial; including templates, tutorial, 10 learning modules, and the opportunity to learn more about the impact of childhood adversity on individuals as well as our society.

We will be discussing mental health care for those whose lives are impacted by storming emotions that often don't fit the context of present day circumstances.

Connie will be sharing tools, tips, resources, and the skills she learned to help identify and calm the behaviors associated with toxic childhood emotions. 

This is an ongoing study of learning to master the art of self-care and building a healthy sense of self-worth, dignity, and respect. We will explore the recipe for creating a life that is filled with peace, prosperity, and hefty, daily doses of the joy of the Lord!

Write The Vision - Creative Journaling Projects & Tutorials

The Squirrels Nest - Online Community & Art Projects For Mental Health Care Providers and Peer Support Groups


AVAILABLE SOON: License To Use Connie's Art Projects In YOUR Classrooms and Peer Support Groups


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