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The Kataluma Homeless Liaison Collaborative Overview

This Is Connie at Kataluma, How May I Direct Your Call?

We're Creating a Safety Net For Those Who Are Homeless In America

My Home, Sweet Home

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We Join Forces Through The Power of Organization, Communication, and Artsy Self-Expression!

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Beginning October 1, 2019, Connie will release a minimum of one new tutorial each month, and will also provide  a shopping guide for each project.

Talking about homeless related issues can be emotionally overwhelming, so our crafting time will help buffer the situation for ALL of US!

The classroom is organized alphabetically, as well as by category. 

You will get connected to our social media, our gift registry, and the alphabetical index to the Homeless Liaisons in each state. 

The collaborative is brand new, so our shared goal is to spread the news of it's existence, and invite everyone to join our quest!

Our train of thought moves at the speed of relationship, so the important thing for all of us is to get in and get started!


What would you do if the unthinkable happened, and you suddenly found yourself on the brink of homelessness? 

Wouldn't you want to be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone who could... and WOULD actually help you? 

Wouldn't you want to be able to login to a website, and find the help you would need in YOUR moment of crisis? A loving voice on the phone would certainly be a dream come true, don't you think?

The Kataluma Homeless Liaison Collaborative is our first step toward  making that dream a reality!

I learned about Art Therapy during my recovery journey, and it became one of the most powerful weapons in my arsenal of crisis stabilization tactics. 

I learned to engage the power of "drawing out" my emotions, and continued the process until it transitioned into what I now call  Artsy Self-Expression. 

Homelessness and mental illness are tough issues to discuss, so the use the arts will help me buffer our conversations for those of you have NOT been subjected to traumatic life experiences. 

Engaging in our shared passion for color, design, and creativity will allow us to forge strong relationships that bring healing to innumerable realities... for ALL of US!

It has taken many years for me to reclaim my ability to sustain my place of residence, so the crafts you see in my galleries were done many years ago. 

Once my classroom is fully constructed, I will be spending more time in my studio, and sharing my projects with those of you who are willing to engage in our homeless recovery collaborative!

It is September, 2019 at the time of this writing.

Winter is swiftly approaching again, and  I hope you will join me for our quest to create new protocols for American homeless problem-solving.

With much love, and hope for our shared bright futures...

Connie, Clara, and the rest of our Armchair Adventure Team

Here's a Preview Of What We'll Be Crafting



Homeless Liaisons & Anyone Who Would Like To Help End Homelessness In America

Only Official Liaisons Are Pinned To The Kataluma Adventure Map

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We Look Forward To Meeting You, and Hope To See You In Class!


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