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The information we provide is based on Connie's personal experiences with homelessness, mental illness, and come directly from her layman's point of view.

Connie is a God-taught web developer, whose passion is to help you create the Virtual Real Estate that makes YOUR heart sing!

Connie is not a medical provider, counselor, art therapist, or any other type of mental health care  provider.

Thank-you for choosing The Kataluma Adventure as your Homeless Recovery Education Provider. 

We're delighted to have you aboard!

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Web Mastery For Beginners

Study at Your Own Pace- Digital Training

Learn the basic skills that are the foundation of creating books, e-books, videos, artwork, and other materials related to your niche topic.

We will help you assess your basic computer skills, help you master terminology, then begin the process of developing a plan for your online presence.

Persistence and tenacity on your part are essential for building your Virtual Real Estate, but I’m here to answer questions and help decrease your learning curve!