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The information we provide is based on Connie's personal experiences with homelessness and mental illness, and come directly from her layman's point of view.

Connie is not a medical provider, counselor, art therapist, or any other type of mental health care  provider.

Connie is a "God-taught" web developer with a passion to help you master the art of digital self-expression!

Thank-you for choosing The Kataluma Adventure as your Homeless Recovery Education Provider. 

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  • Master the art of integrating your thoughts, feelings, and behavior, so you can take the reins of  harsh life circumstances

  • Paper Crafting 

  • Creative Writing Prompts 

  • Thought Provoking Art Projects to Help You Uncover the Roots of Your Identity

  • God Calls Us Trees of Righteousness, The Planting Of HIS Hand., So...

  • Did Anyone Ever Tell You? YOU Are a Seed of Hope From the Loins of God!

  • Discover The Power of Love  while you  you engage with my artsy, crafty, team of Intellectual Engineers who have discovered the path to Self-Mastery (I'm what is known as a "Multiple" in the mental health world, so you often hear me refer to "me," as "we!!")

  • Did Anyone Ever Tell You? The Path to Self-Mastery Is An Inside Job and You Have To Build It Yourself?! 

  • Bible Story Lesson Plans for Sunday School Teachers

  • Study Guides for Family Devotions

  • Community Service Project Ideas for Home-schoolers

  • Podcasts

  • Video Stories & Lesson Plans for Mental Health, Homeless Recovery, and Bible Stories

  • Printables: Coloring Pages, Word Search, and Lesson Plans

  • Lots of Fun For Everyone