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Social Studies, 101 - Faith Edition

I'm Lexi, and My Job Is To Help My Grandma Decorate and Narrate The Kataluma Adventure!

aka, Dr. Shishy

This Is How I Help My Grandma Create Our Adventures!

July 27, 2019


This Is My Grandma. Mommy Says She's Very Nerdy... and We Love Her!

She Has a Lot To Say About Helping People Who Are Homeless!


ADVENTURE BOOT CAMP: Show You The Making Of Adventure Road at Connie's House


ADVANCED INDIVIDUAL TRAINING: Show You  How To Build YOUR Family Portion of Adventure Road

THIS IS HOW WE TAKE OUR HILL:  We Join Forces and Build The Kataluma Prototype

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Abba, Papa... . He's Our  Father, Bu Many of You Probably Call Him God

Jesus, aka The Messiah, aka Jehovah Tsabaoth!

The Paraclete, aka The Holy Spirit

Connie's House, Homeless Survivor, Artsy Educator, Lifelong Nerd, Technology Addict,  and Your Kataluma Adventure Host

Clara, Our Crafty Mascot Who Has a Secret Identity

Dr. Shishy, Jr. Adventure Narrator

Dr. Shishy's Mommy, Daddy, Quinn, and Our New Arrival

Bella, Family Adventure Pup

Angel & Kisa, Connie's Feline Family

Extended Family, Friends, and #7MCohorts

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Your Family Key to The Kataluma Library

The ACEs Lap Book Templates

#7MCohorts – Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

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Membership In Our Subscribers Only Facebook Groups

Printable Manual Covers For The Kataluma Boot Camp– Parent, Student


Free PDF Download of Crabby's Bucket 

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Most People Are Afraid To Talk About Homelessness, But Not MY Grandma!

She Says She Is... "Solution Oriented!"

We Have a Seat Saved For You In Grandma's Library!

Learn To Build YOUR Family Portion of Adventure Road!

Then, Together... We'll Build The Kataluma Prototype!

A Note From My Grandma

At Kataluma, our intention is to share the education that will help us work together to address the long-term needs of those who have no place to call home. 

We are delighted to help celebrate current efforts and applaud those who work so hard to help others, but our intention is to expand our efforts and help oversee the implementation of new protocols for creating solutions on a national scale.

Lexi's Lighthouse is a preview of how I share these lessons with my own grandchildren.  She is my Jr. Adventure Decorator and Narrator, and this is a preview of projects we will be sharing with you as The Kataluma Adventure continues to unfold. 

Her lighthouse will contain projects and ideas that are suitable for 2nd and 3rd Graders.

Your subscription to The Kataluma Adventure will give you complete access to the projects we are creating that will allow you to teach these valuable life lessons to your children and grandchildren...

Once again, from the safety and comfort of your favorite family armchair!

I hope you will join our quest at The Kataluma Adventure!

Connie, aka Lexi's Grandma and your Senior Adventure Narrator.

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