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Healing The Trauma & Drama of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Poverty, & Homelessness in America

Meet Connie

Artist | Author | Trauma Recovery Educator | Homeless Advocate

Helping You Find The Courage To Face Harsh Life Circumstances

In the late 90's, Connie was diagnosed with several mental health disorders that were directly related to Adverse Childhood Experiences. (ACEs) She eventually became homeless due to the severity of her symptoms, and experienced frequent hospitalizations and years of treatment. Connie has now stabilized her life through the use of community services, SSDI, behavioral health care, and long-term commitment to taking the reins of a life that was deeply impacted by trauma. Although her faith was battered and shattered, Connie has found great comfort in her restored relationship with the God she felt had abandoned her during her years of such desperate need. She now resides in Arizona, where she is creating courses, books, and educational materials that teach the lessons she learned during the time she experienced homelessness in America.

The Solution For Homelessness

Fix One, Then Multiply!

Our nation is in the midst of a crisis of epic proportion, and we need solutions of epic proportion. That’s why we’re here!

My dream for ALL of us is that we work together to create a safe place in which we all live, love, work, and have a place to belong!

Safety for everyone is our primary concern, so your quest begins as an Armchair Adventure. 

Learning to help end homelessness is a big job, it’s a DIRTY job… so, be sure to bring your hard hat, hip boots, and a great big, WE CAN DO THIS attitude!

If you have read this far, we think you are our kind of Adventurer. We’ll save a seat for you in  The Kataluma Library, where you can explore our Adventure Scrolls and learn more about our quest to create a new way of solving problems in America.

If you have read this far, The Kataluma Adventure is no doubt calling your name, and we hope you will consider becoming a part of our community.

With much love, and great hope for the life that lies before us…

Connie, Clara, and the rest of our Armchair Adventure Team

We're Crafting a Solution For Homelessness

The Kataluma Prototype

Kataluma Was The Solution I Needed When I Was Homeless...

Now, Let Me Show You How WE Build It... For ALL Of U.S.!

Connie's Story

Wait For It... This One's a Slide Show!

Taking On The Challenge To Correct Childhood Gone Wrong


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