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How Does One Craft a Solution For Homelessness?


Our focus at Kataluma is to help provide a place to belong, for ALL of us! 

Hi there, my name is Connie...  I'm an artsy, crafty web developer, your Kataluma Adventure Host, and American Homeless Recovery Educator.

I'm here to help improve our current strategies for helping those who are homeless among us.

My world was once a very dark and lonely place, and that is why you see so much color and childhood fun in the projects we create here at Kataluma!

We are on a quest to help repair the damage that happens when childhood goes wrong, so we provide coloring pages, lesson plans, word search puzzles, community service project ideas, ACEs education, and other trauma-informed projects for families who need to overcome challenges passed down by previous generations.

We also offer craft tutorials, a podcast, and digital downloads in our library of resources.

The arts are our favorite method of education, and we provide unique, one-of-a-kind projects for families who are seeking resources to help build… or re-build strong personal relationships.

I am a survivor of homelessness and childhood sexual assault, so my knowledge and passion are rooted in a lifetime of hands-on experience in overcoming adversity.

I intend to provide the best of the best in art, educational, and relationship study tools that will help families overcome life challenges and build the homes that will provide the entire family with a sense of safety, love, celebration, and a place to belong.

One of our primary goals is to help create a new national protocol for helping families who are homeless, and to create a prototype where communities can join forces on behalf of those who are seeking to overcome financial and relationship challenges that are bigger than they are equipped to handle on their own.

We invite you to join our family-friendly, armchair adventure in Social Studies, 101, Faith Edition... you know, just in case homelessness ever happens to you or someone you love!


re·dress, /rəˈdres/ - verb 1. remedy or set right (an undesirable or unfair situation). "the power to redress the grievances of our citizens" synonyms: rectify, correct, put/set/make right, right, put to rights, compensate for, sort out, deal with, amend, remedy, repair, fix, cure, heal, make good, reform, harmonize, retrieve, improve, better, ameliorate, adjust, resolve, settle, square; informal patch up "people no longer take to the barricades to redress wrongs"

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