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The Kataluma Adventure

at Connie's House

Creating Artsy Study Guides


Homeless Recovery

& Trauma-Informed Friendship

Welcome to The Kataluma Adventure at Connie's House!

I'm Connie, an artsy, crafty mental health educator, Kataluma Adventure Host, and America's Homeless Recovery Coach. My passion is the homeless recovery education that will enable us to

create new protocols

for helping those who have no place to belong.

The ability to share what I have learned is rooted in my own recovery,

which seems to be taking a 


I know without a doubt that Jesus is with me and is guiding my every step, and so,

I simply trust Him and continue to take one step at a time.

As I continue to heal, I am developing a series of social studies projects that includes coloring pages, lesson plans, word search puzzles, community service project ideas, ACEs education, creative writing and journaling prompts, and other trauma-informed projects for those who would like to learn about overcoming emotional challenges that are rooted in traumatic life experiences.

The arts are our favorite method of education, and we provide unique, one-of-a-kind projects that help families build… or re-build strong personal relationships. I intend to provide the best of the best in art, educational, and relationship study tools that will help us improve the way we think about overcoming traumatic life challenges. It's important that we learn to fill our homes (AND our nation!) with a sense of safety, love, acceptance, validation, and celebration so that we know our homes truly are, our safety net and our place to belong.

One of our primary goals for The Kataluma Adventure is to help create a new national protocol for helping families who are homeless. The long-term plan is to create a national training center where communities can join forces on behalf of those who need help to overcome financial and relationship challenges that are bigger than they are equipped to handle on their own.

We invite you to join our family-friendly, armchair adventure in Social Studies, 101, Faith Edition.

You know, just in case homelessness or trauma ever happens to you or someone you love...

We hope you enjoy our artsy, crafty adventure in making life beautiful, for ALL of U.S., and we look forward to getting acquainted. Thank you for taking the time to visit!

With warmest regards,

Connie, Clara, and the rest of our Armchair Adventure Team

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Sharing My Passion For Crafting and

The Lessons I


As a Shattered Child,

FOR a Shattered Child

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I am currently on medical leave, so my story is moving very slowly right now.

I'm working behind the scenes to share my thoughts about trauma-informed friendship,

and I invite you to consider becoming a patron of

The Kataluma Adventure at Connie's House.