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The Kataluma Adventure

We're Confronting Challenges and Crafting Solutions For American Homelessness

The Kataluma Collaborative Is An Online Homeless Recovery Education Center That Serves as a Communications Hub and Virtual Distribution Center

Created and Maintained by Connie Spurlock-Walcott, Homeless Survivor and Mental Health Educator


Fix One, Then Multiply!

Our nation is in the midst of a crisis of epic proportion, and we need solutions of epic proportion. That’s why we’re here!

My dream for ALL of us is that we work together to create a safe place in which we all live, love, work, and have a place to belong!

Safety for everyone is our primary concern, so your quest begins as an Armchair Adventure. 

Learning to help end homelessness is a big job, it’s a DIRTY job… so, be sure to bring your hard hat, hip boots, and a great big, WE CAN DO THIS attitude!

We’ll save a seat for you in The Kataluma Library, where you can explore our Adventure Scrolls and learn more about our quest to create a new way of solving problems in America.

If you have read this far, The Kataluma Adventure is no doubt calling your name, and we hope you will consider becoming a part of our Collaborative.

With much love, and great hope for the life that lies before us… and especially for those who are still homeless among U.S..

Connie, Clara, and the rest of our Armchair Adventure Team

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Our Solution BEGINS With The Homeless Liaison Collaborative


Here's How This Works

As Ambassadors Of Love, Hope & Comfort, We Choose To Become Repairers of The Breaches in Our Family Dynamics, and Work To Restore Truth, Honor, and Justice For ALL!

Your Subscription Includes Full Access to Connie's Art Studio!

We're Joining Forces On Behalf of Those Who Are Homeless Among U.S.!

Eagle Image Credit: Frank A. Vargo (c) 

The Big Question Is... What Would You Want U.S. To Do If Homelessness Ever Happened To YOU?

The Answer You Would Need Is Known As Kataluma...

We Cordially Invite You To Join Our Collaborative. Together, We Will Build The Solution That Works For ALL Of U.S.!


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